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Sir John Everett Millais,  1784 - The North-West Passage

Sir John Everett Millais, 1784 - The North-West Passage

2018-19 - UG13

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Freya Bolton, 2017-  A Tailored Sanitorium

Freya Bolton, 2017- A Tailored Sanitorium

2016-17- UG0 / Pleasure

From Ancient Greece through to later thinkers like Jeremy Bentham and Sigmund Freud and Henri Lefebvre, the idea of pleasure has long been one of the guiding principles of human existence. Pleasure here is conceived in its widest sense, and thus includes the architectural/spatial/social/cultural discoveries to be found everyday in the city. How, then, can architects contribute to a contemporary concept of pleasure? Urban tactics for a city like London suggest a need for play, subversion, fantasy, temporariness, mobility and transgression. Aesthetics, experience, use, conviviality, retreat and other impulses can be invoked to make urban life desirable and transformative.

Michelle Yiu, 2016 - The Palette Under the Sun 

Michelle Yiu, 2016 - The Palette Under the Sun 

2015-16 - UG10 / Intimate Immensity

The unit considered the idea of a conserved wilderness, questioning whether continuing to focus upon preserving islands of Holocene ecosystems in this Anthropocene age is anachronistic and
counterproductive. Is it possible to be optimistic about the impact we
can have, and to use our understanding of context to propose a future
for development that allows a place to evolve alongside human
infrastructure and cultural contexts that are changing as fast as our
natural counterparts?.