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Though long-discussed, the need to demolish the wall between research and practice remains. Communication is at the key and the RIBA Research Matters conference was a starting point.

Published in the RIBA Journal and the 2017 RIBA Education yearbook 

‘Russia’s built fabric is intertwined with its now obsolete economic goals’


On the fracturing fault-line between East and West, Russia is failing to adapt the cities of its socialist past to the demands of contemporary neoliberal capitalism. 

Published in the Architectural Review

Magnitogorsk: Utopian Vision of Spatial Socialism

Ernst Mays masterplan.jpg

Masters dissertation exploring the urban design of a mono-industry city in the Urals, and its place in a contemporary industrialised society. 

wallpaper graduate directory

These young architects are laying solid foundations for their bright futures, exploring space and surface in fresh new ways

Writer: Ellie Stathaki